Concrete and Masonry Sealer

Timber Ox Green Concrete and Masonry Sealer is a remarkable , bio-based, deep penetrating, film forming wet look or satin finished sealer. It is perfect for use on concrete, brick, tile, stucco, pavers, flagstone, driveways, garage floors, granite, marble, travertine and cementaceous materials.

Restores, Enhances, and Protects the natural beauty of surfaces 

An effective, robust, oil-based, deep penetrating, all purpose sealer.
  • Oil Based Sealer
  • Excellent UV Protection
  • Easy to Apply
  • Agriculturally renewable
  • Will Not Harm Ozone
  • All natural materials

Seals and Protects Concrete, Brick, Tile, Stucco, Pavers, and More

Timber Ox Green Concrete and Masonry Sealer is a bio-based, low VOC, agriculturally renewable, oil based sealer that is recognized by the USDA as a bio-preferred product. It is safe to use indoors and well as outdoors. It creates an easy to maintain surface and has a pleasant citrus aroma that will not harm the ozone.

Timber Ox Green Concrete and Masonry Sealer penetrates deep to protect against oil, dirt and moisture. It is easy to apply and will not crack or peel when applied accord to manufacturers specifications.

Timber Ox Green qualifies as a USDA Bio-preferred bio-based concrete and masonry sealer.

Timber Ox Green does not uses citrus and castor oils. Citrus Oil is also a natural insect repellant. Since Timber Ox Green contains agriculturally derived ingredients it qualifies as a Bio-preferred Sealer with the USDA.

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Timber Ox Green can be used on a wide variety of concrete and masonry surfaces

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