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Bio-Based Stains & Sealers

Timber Ox Green is a full line of environmentally friendly stains and sealers. In the beginning our goal was to create a robust, long lasting, wood beautifying stain that would meet our needs as a painting contractor. In the process, we discovered that we could obtain these goals and make an environmentally friendly product. Our stains and sealers are recognized by the USDA as bio-based, bio-preferred products and are listed in their bio-preferred catalog.

Timber Ox Green is line of a robust, agriculturally based stains and sealers.


Timber Ox Green Wood Protectant Stain

  • Timber Ox Green stains use triple polymer resins, and iron oxide pigments to protect wood surfaces against UV light and damage from the outdoor elements.
  • Timber Ox Green stain lasts longer than other wood stain products because it is stronger than conventional wood treatments. With a formula that contains high solids, and more wood protecting compounds, Timber Ox Green stain does not build up and peel off or wash away. Timber Ox Green bonds deep inside at the cellular level to deliver long lasting protection.
  • Timber Ox Green stains utilize Triple Polymer Protection which is composed of polyester, polyurethane and acrylic resins. Each resin plays an important part in the overall protection of the wood. They are derived from agriculturally renewable resources. Almost all other products contain only one polymer resin.

Timber Ox Green Concrete and Masonry Sealer

  • Timber Ox Green concrete and masonry sealers provides excellent protection from moisture and the elements. The sealer is derived from soy beans, castor oil, and citrus oil. This makes the product bio-based and almost completely agriculturally renewable
  • Timber Ox Green concrete and masonry sealers have a pleasant citrus aroma that makes it easy and safe to apply to your surfaces. The end result is a protected and sealed surface that resist moisture and stands up to the elements. When properly applied, Timber Ox Green seals your concrete, brick, tile, stucco, pavers, and other masonry surfaces with a beautiful finish.

Preserve Your Wood Structures without Harming The Environment

The carrier oils in Timber Ox Green Wood Stain are Citrus Oil and Castor Oil. These oils are wood loving oils that are absorbed into the wood and do not harden or turn to powder like the Linseed Oil used in many other stains. Castor Oil is derived from castor beans and Citrus Oil is derived from lemon and lime peels, both of which are agriculturally renewable resources.

Timber Ox Green contains an agriculturally formulated Algaecide, Mildecide and Fungicide that is safe for incidental food contact yet is rated to prevent the growth of algae, mildew and fungus on your wood structures.

Timber Ox Green contains premium Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments that bring out the natural beauty of wood and screen out ultraviolet light which is damaging to wood. Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments are natural pigments derived from the earth.

Timber Ox Green is an agricultural based product that highlights the natural beauty and warmth of the wood without harming the environment.

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